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Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt is on the Main river, and it's official name is Frankfurt am Main. Founded by the Romans in the 1st century, Frankfurt is now one of the main financial and transportations centres in Europe. Frankfurt has the German Stock Exchange and numerous banks to prove it. As such a busy centre, the city is now an international town with more than a quarter of its inhabitants actually foreign citizens. There are over 650,000 citizens of Frankfurt.

There are many museums and cathedrals which makes it hard to pick a select few. There are museums to cater for all types of art taste. If you’re into modern art, you might try the Museum for Modern Art or the Schirn Kunsthalle. Into history? Try the Senckenberg Natural History Museum. Egyptian or Greek? Try the Liebighaus. A cathedral I’d suggest is Saint Bartholomeus, a gothic building built around the beginning of the 15th century.

Now, as you walk around the city, you’ll probably notice the skyscrapers and the architecture, if you want to see some more well-known buildings try heading to see the Romer (meaning Roman), once a town hall. There’s also the old Opera House which was built in the later 1800's and unfortunately damaged in WWII. It now is a concert hall, so if you’re in the mood for an opera, head over to Oper Frankfurt. Now there are plenty of other things to do in Frankfurt. Some activities include, shopping, dinning, taking in the beautiful architecture, sunbathing, biking, meeting the locals and strolling through the parks and along the river.

German food tends to be based on meats and potato, with beer on the side. The Frankfurt foods that are most well-known include the frankfurter sausage and handkas mit Musik (sour cheese). Bethmannchen which is a pastry made with almonds and marzipan as well as apple strudels are some of the local desserts.. For drinks there's beer and apelwein which is something like an apple wine.

At night, Frankfurt has a large student population which brings business to bars, clubs, cinemas, theaters, discos, beer gardens and more. The best neighbourhood to see at night is Bockenheim. However, you might also want to check out the red light district which is located in the main railway station. The dance clubs and discos base their music mostly on techno music, however there are house and trance clubs too. Every night, there's something on to keep your ears happy. Whether it's walking to the nearest swanky bar or listening to snazzy music at a beer garden. Some dance clubs enforce a dress code, which means at least khaki pants and no tennis shoes. Most bars tend to close around 2, but you can find a place to dance all night if you look hard enough.

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