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Cologne, Germany
Cologne was originally founded by the Ubii Tribe, but has also worked with the Roman Empire – and had a bridge built over the Rhine River by Constantine to prove it. This is the oldest city in Germany, and the cultural capital of the Rhineland – you’ll find a vibrant cultural scene with museums, cathedrals, boutiques and cafes a plenty to while away your afternoons. There are in fact, over 30 museums and galleries through out Cologne – you’ll find everything from archaeological findings to modern and contemporary art.

To check out the sights, I’d start off with the city's world famous Cologne Cathedral, known to the locals as Kolner Dom. Here rest the famous bones of the Three Kings who brought the gifts to Jesus. It’s a famous gothic church which started construction in the 1200's and was completed over 600 years later. There are the many galleries and museums to spend your time in, but I’d recommend stopping by the old headquarters of the Gestapo, El De Haus, which focuses on the prosecution of the minorities. There’s also the Museum Ludwig and Romisch-Germanisches Museum. Explore the Ulrepforte City Gate, is part of the old medieval city walls. There's also High Street, the Hohe Strasse, which is a main shopping area stretching along with gift shops, clothing stores and more. But don't forget that you're on the Rhine River - beautiful to stroll along at any time of day.

For when you get hungry make sure to try the typical food of Cologne. The German cuisine tends to focus in on sausages and beer. Cologne’s famous light beer is called Kolsch. There's also rievkooche which are potato cakes and rhensih sauerbraten which is roast beef.

Historic Ringe boulevards, Altstadt and Quartier Lateng are known for their night life. There are various brew pubs, bars, concerts, stylish discos, operas, ballets, casino and dance clubs. The music ranges from jazz to funk and everything in between. This is a large city which offers everything you could want and welcomes everyone.

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