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Cochabamba, Bolivia
Cochabamba is a socially liberal city with a population of about 800,000 people. The definition of the Cochabamba is swampy open plain. This city is known to its locals as the city of 'Eternal Spring,' coming from the great weather enjoyed here. The buildings are colonial with some more modern structures.

There are many things to do around Cochabamba. I would start with walking along the streets and exploring the national parks. The Tunari National Park is a beautiful choice where you can paraglide, hike, bike, and enjoyt he fresh, clean air. There is also the Parque Mariscal Santa Cruz which is a recreational park where you can paddle boat, picnic, and play sports. You can walk through the jungles, looking for monkeys, pumas and exotic birds.

Make sure you explore the La Cancha, a big open open air market with tons of interesting items being sold - from witchcraft ingredients to modern technology. There is a nice neighbourhood called Rio Rocha you should also wander around, with a number of cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys and movie theatres.

For more specific sites there is the tall statue of Jesus on the San Pedro Hill. The statue is called Cristo de la Concordia. There is also the Museo Arqueologico and Casa de la Cultura. The Museo Arqueologico has artefacts that date back to the time of colonial settlement. The Casa de la Cultura has exhibitions on pre-Inca burial sites and other art works.

Local dishes to try include the chanka de pollo (chicken soup with beans), picante de pollo (chicken with green pepper) and lapping (grilled steak with tomatoes, onions and beans). There are various types of international foods, which are generally influenced by European trends.

The big student population of Cochabamba means that theres always something to do at nighttime. Just follow the crowds and hang out in the city’s student scene. Try the El Prado neighborhood where you can walk along Avenida Espana. Here you’ll find restaurants, bars and groovy loungers. For disco's I would try Disco D'mos and Primienta Verde.

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